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“Aap Badho Desh Ko Badhao” Training and Research Programme


Name of the School & Address:
Viswa Vidyalaya High School,Chandanagar, Lingampally,Rangareddy
Principal Name & Contact:
P.J.Jagadish - Principal / Correspondent 9346062226
Address, Landmark & Contact
Viswa Vidyalaya High School,Chandanagar, Lingampally,Rangareddy
Viswa Vidyalaya High School,Chandanagar, Lingampally,Rangareddy
Training Dates:
6th to 8th Aug,2012
( No of Days &  from-to time )
         3 days    -                from 9 am to 4-30 pm
Name of the camp in charge name & contact no :
1.    E.Aruna Reddy,93962471168
Standard of the  students attended:
         VII , VIII, IX  &  X Classes
No Of students attended:
1. Lead India Trainers & Contacts:
2.    E.Aruna Reddy,93962471168
3.    Ch Gouthami, 9440666218
4.    B.Naveen -9966297067
5.    Anish Rao -9703870380
Training Sponsored  Details  / Mentor
Viswa Vidyalaya High School

2.Names of Change Agents / Volunteers (participated) & Contact No

LINC Established       or not
If Yes Linc Coordinator Name (teacher) & Contact:
P.J.Jagadish - Principal / Correspondent 9346062226
Course  Contents:

Life Skills – Vision & Mission, Goal Setting, Time Management, Living life of purpose, Physical Development, Principles of Human body, Yogasana, Mental Development, Self-discipline, Positive Thinking, Career Development, Social Development, Spiritual Development, National Development, and Human Values
Report   Contents
Training Impact & Highlights, Training Report, Principal Remarks, Teachers Observations, Trainees (Students) Opinions,  Photos,  & Linc Details.
Guest Of Honour
P.J.Jagadish - Principal             (Details of the   VIPs /Mentor/ Guests  participated )                                                                          

 Training Impact & Highlights,
ü  Lead India 2020 awakens and inspires the students.
ü  It brought lot of change in attitude of the students.
ü  Students came to know the value of parents and teachers and started to show more respect towards parents and teachers.

Training Report
1st Day
The session was started by lamp lighting and installation of flag by Mr.J.Jagdish Principal Viswa Vidyala H.S and Lead India team.
The first day Session was started on 6th Aug, 2012 with great enthusiasm by the Lead India Team.In the 1st Session they were made Jaan Jigri Dosht and their inhibitions and hesitations were removed by the session conducted by Mrs.E.Aruna training executive.  She also explained them, what this Lead India 2020 Programme is and made them aware of this programme.
By the Second session, students realised that they themselves are the cause for their problems, which are leading to the National Problems. She very meticulously explained about the India’s past and its greatness. So, to develop India’ we have to follow our Culture, values and also learn the various skills again and full fill the Motto “Aap Badho Desh Ko Badhao”
Third session was conducted by Mr Anish rao training executive an excellent session where the student were trained how to have great Goal, and what are the tips to be followed to achieve their goals. He told them the Importance of time, by utilizing the precious time, how we can become great, and also make our Country great.
 The students enjoyed the first day’s session by learning, playing, singing, dancing and they were awaiting for the next day’s session.

2nd Day
The second day 1st session was started by Mrs.E Aruna Reddy Training Executive  how to make their lives beautiful by developing positive thoughts, and removing all the negativities, they were trained how to develop their character, to  achieve their goal.
2nd Session was conducted by Mrs.Gouthami, where she made them realise that as students they are only getting, and usually selfish wicked people have that getting habit, and not giving habit, so she made them realise that everyone should try to become Humans, by showing Humane nature. So students realised their mistakes, and promised, that they will try to clear the debts to the parents, teachers, nature, nation-state etc by respecting them and by fulfilling their aspirations.

The 3rd Session was the heart touching session conducted by Mr Naveen made the children realise their mistakes done towards their parents, teachers, elders, and nation. Children were in a insightful state during the session, and they decided not to trouble their parents, teachers and are going to serve for their nation.
The 2nd Day session was concluded by Smruthi Vardhini.

3rd Day
As the day Changed, children also showed change in them, and were very active.
The first session was conducted by Mr Anish, and he inculcated the habit of developing the global skills to become global leaders by 2020. He removed the fear and hesitation in them which stops their growth.

The 2nd Session was conducted by Mrs.Janaki, who made them realise the importance of physical development. She made them realise that it is very important to follow 6 principles of good health.

3rd session was conducted by Mrs.Gouthami, who awakened them by telling them, that how they are directly and indirectly depended on each other by being social being. And she made them aware that they are  in debted  to the nation . but we criticise the Govt, and blame  only the Govt for the national problems which is  not true. So children decided to work for their individual development which will lead to National development.

In the last session which is the concluding session the principal Mr.Jagadish was the guest of honour he heard to the children feedback, and observed the change, and felt very happy. Teachers also felt happy to have programme like this to their students.

Principal Remarks
P.J.Jagadish,Prinicpal / Correspondent
Viswa Vidyalaya High School

The training Programme which was conducted under the leadership of Mrs.Aruna Lead India 2020 can be turned as Inevitable Awareness, Motivation Programme which is very much Important now a days to enhance the Leadership qualities from the childhood to understand the problems facing by India in becoming a Developed Country I suggest Team members conduct training Programme in all urban and Non –urban Schools also.

Teachers Observations

D.Rama Devi –Teacher:
 Lead India programme is a wonderful and excellent programme. This programme has brought a wonderful change in our school. The sessions are motivating, and made the students realise to set a goal, and how to reach their goal.

B.Swathi –Teacher (Chemistry):
 I like the morals of their organisation this group teaches values of good habits, and how to develop the team work, interact with mutual understanding. Children will become the leaders of our country, by your good teaching. Definitely our India will become a global; leader by 2020, if this programme will be conducted in each and every school, and all over India.

Trainees (Students) Opinions

 Reshma Class X:
I will develop myself and reach my goal studying well is my 10th std. Intermediate, engg. I want to develop my country by serving the poor and educating the illiterates, and by encouraging other peoples to reaching their goals is my plan of action by implementing to develop myself and develop the nation.

K.Ravi Kumar class X:
by this Lead India 2020 camp I have changed my behaviour, laziness, & self confidence. I will work hard and become world famous I.P.S. & will do my best to develop nation by 2020,  I  am very thankful to Dr.Kalam Ji for his vision and N.B.Sudershan Acharya founder of Lead India, and all the Lead India team, for such a good programmes.

M.Sai Kiran Class X:
          By this programme, I have decided to develop my skills, and I started respecting the teachers, parents and our elders. I have learnt to live darely and speak fluently. I want to become world famous Mechanical engineer, and to reach my goal I will work hard and score good marks.

E.Harika –Class VII:
I have learnt many unknown things by this Lead India 2020 camp. Now I am really proud to be an Indian. I will respect my parents, teachers, and elders, and by developing myself I will develop India by 2020.


  Lamp lighting by P.J.Jagadish,Prinicpal / Correspondent Viswa Vidyalaya High School

 Massage by P.J.Jagadish, Prinicpal / Correspondent Viswa Vidyalaya High School

 The session by Mrs E Aruna Reddy  –Lead India Master Trainers.
 The session by Mr.Naveen Kumar –Lead India Master Trainers.
 The session by Mrs.Gouthami –Lead India Master Trainers.
 The session by Mr Anish Rao–Lead India Master Trainers.
 The session by Mr Anish Rao–Lead India Master Trainers.
 Students moved by a session on respecting elderly

 Group Photo 

Lead India 2020 National Club (LINC) 
Office Bearers
School Name
Viswa Vidyalaya High School,Chandanagar, Lingampally,Rangareddy
Viswa Vidyalaya High School,Chandanagar, Lingampally,Rangareddy
No of Students in LINC
P.J.Jagadish - Principal / Correspondent
Voice Chairman
LINC Group Names
Group Leaders
Community Development
1. N.Venkatesh - 9849442913,
 2. S.Swetha Laxmi-9347443356         
Literacy and Cultural Group
2. K.LAxshmi-9676878225
Clean  & Green
( Environment) Group
1. D.Bhavani -9959805816,
 2. P.Bhoominath -9959809986 
Discipline Group
1. A.Dhakshna Murthy -9849858634, 2. J.Sambaji -9701801149
Sports and Games Group
1. P.Rahul -8985455215,
2. S.Sai Krishna -9618190107
Health & Hygiene Group
1. S.Avinash -9866684314,
 2. G.Aninash -810613501

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